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Offshore receipts in respect of intangibles – bark worse than bite?

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COVID-19 US finally offers relief to individuals and businesses with employees stranded in US

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UK/US treaty – demystifying the limitation on benefits article

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8 May 2020

UK corporate, partnership and VAT compliance and advisory services

Our experienced London based tax compliance team prepare corporation tax, partnership tax and VAT returns for SMEs, private equity backed business, real estate funds, UK subsidiaries of overseas groups and listed entities.

8 May 2020

Qualified Small Business Stock – what you need to know

On Wednesday, May 20, Andersen will host a webcast on Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). The webcast will cover who is most likely to benefit from the QSBS exclusion, and how shareholders holding QSBS can optimise their potential tax savings.  

29 Apr 2020

Richard Branson, Denmark and the tricky issue of government bailouts

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments on Richard Branson and government bailouts, in Spear’s. Miles’ comments were published in Spear’s, 28 April 2020, and can be found here.  “Virgin Atlantic is a British airline. 49% happens to be owned by the American airline Delta (who have said they will not bail Virgin out, as […]

24 Apr 2020

How Brexit will impact UK Taxation Policy

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, discusses how Brexit will impact UK Taxation Policy, in Finance Monthly. Miles’ article was published in Finance Monthly, 23 April 2020, and can be found here.  The precise shape of the UK’s post-Brexit taxation regime is yet to be decided; however, the indications are that radical changes are unlikely. […]

13 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Guide to global tax relief

This guide provides an overview of the response to COVID-19 by each country as it relates to tax relief and other provisions implemented by local governments. This guide includes information as it pertains to specific countries on general measures, corporate income tax measures, tax payments, tax reporting, and VAT in specific countries as provided by the member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global.

9 Apr 2020

Google UK pays £44m in corporation tax as revenues reach £1.6bn – Miles Dean

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments in relation to the news that Google paid £44 million in corporation tax, which has caused MPs and industry experts to criticise the tech-giant, in Accountancy Today and International Accounting Bulletin. Miles’ comments were published in Accountancy Today, 8 April 2020, and International Accounting Bulletin, 9 April 2020. […]

6 Apr 2020

UK Tax Changes from 6th April 2020

As we enter the new 2020/21 UK tax year, we provide a brief overview of the key changes to the tax rules from 6 April 2020, as well as Covid-19 related concessions.

1 Apr 2020

US LLCs and DAC6 reporting

In this article Zoe Wyatt considers the difficulties associated with DAC6 reporting for transactions with US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

31 Mar 2020

Miles Dean comments in City A.M’s daily debate regarding new social contracts for businesses

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, discusses whether businesses should sign a new ‘social contract’ in exchange for government support, in City A.M. Miles’ comments were published in City A.M, 30 March 2020, and can be found here. They were also carried in print on 31st March 2020 and can be found on page 13. […]

30 Mar 2020

US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Base Erosion and Profit Sharing(BEPS)

The OECD’s project to counteract BEPS has altered the tax landscape considerably. The US has either opted out of (or is not fully implementing) a number of the BEPS’ actions, leaving major uncertainty over the treatment of US LLCs.

26 Mar 2020

COVID-19 US relief package

The US Senate has voted on and passed the Phase 3 COVID-19 Relief package, which includes a number of significant tax provisions that would affect individuals and businesses.

18 Mar 2020

March 2020 Budget – the highlights

Following the resignation of Sajid Javid last month, there were some doubts as to whether this Spring Budget would go ahead at all. However, go ahead it did. We provide below a summary of the key provisions likely to be of interest to our clients and contacts.

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