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Offshore receipts in respect of intangibles – bark worse than bite?

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COVID-19 Guide to global tax relief

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6 Apr 2020

UK and US personal income tax returns

Our London team specialise in advising individuals affected by both the UK and US tax systems. Furthermore, our team prepare both UK and US tax returns “in team”, and we make sure our clients’ taxes in both countries are fully coordinated.

6 Apr 2020

UK Tax Changes from 6th April 2020

As we enter the new 2020/21 UK tax year, we provide a brief overview of the key changes to the tax rules from 6 April 2020, as well as Covid-19 related concessions.

1 Apr 2020

US LLCs and DAC6 reporting

In this article Zoe Wyatt considers the difficulties associated with DAC6 reporting for transactions with US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

31 Mar 2020

UK treatment of US LLCs – Anson revisited…

Opaque or transparent, that is the question! Why do we care? It might seem far fetched to think that the terms ‘opaque’ and ‘transparent’ have such a meaning in the world of taxation. However, their definitions are of utmost importance for UK tax resident individuals who are members of a US LLC and the terms should be interpreted with caution.

26 Mar 2020

COVID-19 US relief package

The US Senate has voted on and passed the Phase 3 COVID-19 Relief package, which includes a number of significant tax provisions that would affect individuals and businesses.

18 Mar 2020

March 2020 Budget – the highlights

Following the resignation of Sajid Javid last month, there were some doubts as to whether this Spring Budget would go ahead at all. However, go ahead it did. We provide below a summary of the key provisions likely to be of interest to our clients and contacts.

6 Nov 2019

Europe – DAC3: Exchange of Clearances

Since 1 January 2015 tax authorities within the EU have been exchanging clearances (or rulings to use the terminology of the EU and OECD) that relate to cross-border transactions.

6 Nov 2019

The UK – The Investment Manager Exemption: Trading v Investment

The UK has a long and proud history of being a centre for the fund management industry. The “Investment Manager Exemption” (IME) protects non-UK funds managed by UK fund managers, provided that the relevant conditions are satisfied.

4 Oct 2019

Non-Americans investing in US publicly traded partnerships

Non-US investors should be aware of the potential US tax consequences of investing in a US business which is structured as a partnership since this can give rise to various onerous US tax and filling obligations.

29 Sep 2019

The US States’ Evolving Responses to Tax Reform Present Opportunities and Challenges

The states’ responses to the sweeping changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are as varied as their own unique tax codes. Korwin Roskos of Andersen United States discusses the unique challenges and opportunities for business taxpayers.

25 Sep 2019

Alternative asset management – USA state and local tax update

On Thursday, September 26, Andersen United States will host a webcast on state and local tax and how recent updates have impacted the Alternative Investment industry.

18 Sep 2019

2020 Presidential Candidates’ Tax Proposals

Overview of tax proposals of the Democratic candidates running for President of the United States that have qualified for the next debate in September 2019.